Portable RO Water Treatment System

Mobile, portable reverse osmosis water treatment plant

Drinking RO Water Treatment System Movability is the key requirement of current and future generations; source of ground water are either limited and/or not available all across. Hence, in view of the same providing clean drinking water for masses all across, portable water developed by team. We are continually working with clients to provide the portability, movability ro water treatment solution or if, required implementing complete end to end implementation of turnkey solution for water treatment plus (+) water movability distribution on project basis.

Medium and large mobile, portable seawater desalination equipment is applied to freighter, tanker, island, high tds water area. The RO system adopt the most advanced membrane component and the most advanced system software, which combined with efficient energy recovery technology. It can remove mineral salt, heavy mental ion, organic bacteria, and germ, so on effectively to turn sea water into drinking water that meet standards. The whole system have equipped advanced flow meter, pressure control meter and safe pressure relief device, as well as advanced observation system to ensure the system running smoothly and product quality fresh water and provide accurate value. (When the TDS of production water exceed standard value, the system open drain value automatically to discharge water)


1.High quality accessories, the brand of accessories manufacturer is customizable.

2.High operation automation degree

1) Automatic stopping in case of sufficient water under low pressure

2) Automatic stopping in case of sufficient water usder high pressure

3. Small landing area,low energy consumption,free of pollution,simple process,high water quality and easy operation and maintenance

4.High removing rate, more than 98% total salt dissolved rate, and get rid of mineral,pb ppm,organism,bacteria and many other noxious components .

5. The output water meets the drinking standard GB5749-2006.

    For higher configuration,the output water quality can meet WHO drinking standard.

    Customized available.

6. It is portable and compact, skid and move around for outdoor camping drinking water treatment, cater for island drinking water demands, etc...

7.It also can be connected with solar power for some electricity shortage places( customized configuration).

8. Our equipments can be design by different water flow rate and different required size.



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