Containerized RO Plant

Skid mounted and containerized seawater reverse osmosis desalination packages

The seawater containerised desalination RO systems are built inside of metal shipping containers. Both the skid mounted & containerised seawater desalination units and are assembled and fully tested at our facility before being delivered with no need for on-site system assembly, pipe work, electrical wiring or mounting of components.

The plant is fully automatic to ease the operation of the end user.In case of seawater containerised desalination units, the container also serves as the shipping container so there is no need for wood crating or rental of sea containers in which to transport the system to its destination. Our containers are designed for indoor or outdoor permanent or mobile installations.

    Containerized Reverse Osmosis Desalination 20 ft & 40 ft Containers
    Offers modular seawater desalination plants in containerized models. These are heavy duty systems installed inside corrosion resistant metal containers of 20 ft (6m) and 40 ft (12m) sizes. Their durability ensures optimum performance even in the most remote and hostile site conditions. Desalination plants installed inside containers can be easily moved without hassle. This is especially convenient for shipping/exporting to international destinations as the container also serves as a shipping container enable swift shipment.

    Containerized desalination plants are factory preinstalled and pre-tested before delivery making them ready to use immediately on site. By connecting three simple pipelines, the system gets ready to use at site. Every desalination plant installed inside containers contain pre-treatment systems, post treatment systems, multimedia filters, chemical dosing stations and control systems. For the ease of the end user, every plant is fully automatic in operation and is equipped audible warnings and alarms. Standard containers are equipped with lighting, access doorways, ventilation and air conditioning. 1. Plug & play system – easy & ready to fix
    2. Mobile – easy to transport
    3. Compact – does not require machine rooms
    4. Fully Automatic – easy to operate & maintain
    5. Fully integrated – all treatments processes included
    6. Economic – lower electricity, less chemicals, higher output
    7. Quick Deployment - shortest fabrication and delivery time


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