4500 - 6000 GPD RO System

4500 GPD up to 6000 GPD Commercial / Industrial RO Filtration System

Stainless-steel booster pump for high performance
High recovery rates and minimal consumption
Innovative, compact design provides low maintenance costs

This Commercial Series Reverse Osmosis System is designed for overall superior performance, high recovery rates and minimal consumption. It also offers great savings with low maintenance and operation costs. An innovative, compact design, along with the highest quality components, a stainless-steel booster pump for high performance and corrosion resistance, ultra-low energy membranes and fiberglass membrane housings, provide enhanced performance and durability. Other features include: Concentrate and recycle valves with flow meters, ODP High Efficiency Carbonator motor, Permeate flow meter, PVC membrane housings, Feed solenoid valve, Stainless steel concentrate valve, In and Out TDS Meters, 0-300 PSI pump pressure gauges, High pressure tank switch, Manual ON/OFF Control Switch, Sediment filter 20 in., and 20 in. Carbon block filters at second and third filters. ★ S.steel frame (Control box-Option)
★ S.steel or Fiber Glass Membrane vessel*4
★ 4″ x 40″ membrane*4
★ Inlet Actuator & Flush Solenoid Valve
★ Source & Ro Gauge
★ Inlet & Concentration Flow meter
★ S.Steel Vertical Pump 2.2kW
★ (Single phase motor)
★ Auto Flush Controller & TDS detector
★ Accumulated timer
★ Pressure Regulator
★ Gate Valve, Anti-scalent device*2
★ Electricity consumption: 2220W
★ Shipping Dimension & weight:
★ 80X50X145cm 88kgs


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