Industrial Deionizer (DI) Systems Application

Industrial Water DI Systems to Reduce Dissolved Solids in Water

Deionized water system is a water treatment device which adopts pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, post-processing and purification methods, which make the conductive medium is almost complete removal in water, also remove the not dissociation colloidal substances, gases and organic compounds to a very low level. Deionized water system, also known as pure water device, pure water equipment, ultra-pure water meter, pure water systems, laboratory pure water machine and so on.

With the progress of science and technology, pharmacopoeia preparation of legal pharmaceutical water were redefined. Its use is divided into different ranges: purified water, water for injection and sterile water for injection, it is first time change the distilled water to purified water, and definition of purifying water as “purified water by distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis or other suitable methods for medicinal water.” Deionized water system technology compared to traditional distillation method, pure water equipment based on reverse osmosis re-union of the latest electro deionization (EDI) technology, which the new technology has obvious advantages and advanced.

Mainly have multiple-stage distillation, high pressure centrifugal purification by distillation and fractional distillation several processes. All methods at 120 ℃ high temperature state, so it is absolute possible to obtain a completely sterile water. Thus, operation of such a considerable energy consumption; the same time because of the higher temperatures, there are an integral part of the device must withstand high temperature impact, leads to high manufacturing cost and maintenance cost of the equipment. Reverse osmosis technology combined with efficient ozone sterilization method, the whole system works in room temperature, low pressure, so that the equipment investment, operation and maintenance costs lower, and reliable energy: the membrane treatment method running cost is only 12-15% of distillation method, which is very economical, very competitive.

Pretreatment systems typically include quartz sand filters, activated carbon filters, softeners can be used if necessary, each of the devices can automatically ozone water backwash, automatic discharge; Auxiliary equipment with automatic dosing system, ozone dosing system. Its main function: in different water conditions, making the two stage RO system to obtain a stable, qualified water quality.

Industrial Water DI Systems to Reduce Dissolved Solids in Water

high purity industrial water deionizers (industrial water DI systems) are two-bed (twin bed) DI units with an acid-regenerated cation vessel piped in series with an alkaline-regenerated anion vessel. Mixed bed industrial deionizers are also available.
Portable DI (deionization) Exchange Tank Systems are useful where the customer doesn’t have to handle chemicals or regenerations.

Capacities range from 10,000 to 20,000 grains per cubic foot, depending upon the type of anions present, the quality of water desired and the amount of caustic regenerant used. Raw water alkalinity is converted to carbon dioxide in the strong acid cation vessel. When the alkalinity to total anion ratio is excessive, the load on the strong base anion resin can be significantly reduced and operating efficiency increased by installing a degasifier prior to the strong base vessel.


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