Copper Silver Ionization Water System

It’s been centuries since the COPPER SILVER IONIZATION has been discovered and used as one of the most effective system for STERELIZATION.

According to the study there are 650 bacteria, viruses and protozoa that this system can kill.
One of them is the LEGIONELLA PNEUMOPHILA which exist and can multiply in the water during summer or too much hot weather.

The system have electrodes which is compose of Copper and Silver Ions, this positive ions are being released into water through electrodes and once they touches the negatively charged area in the microorganism cell walls in the water, it will create a stress to the negative ion and DESTORTED THE CELL WALL OF THIS MICROORGANISM PERMANENTLY.
This system is also cost effective because it does not use any chemicals to work every time and more safe to human as well. Now a days, they developed this system and becomes one of the State of the Art with a wider range of application. TANK SIZE: up to 20,000 U.S. gallons

IONIZATION METHOD: electrolysis of copper or copper/silver alloy electrodes

ELECTRODE CHAMBER: 2" schedule 40 tee with bushings for 2" or 1 1/2" PVC pipe

ELECTRODE: one set 3" long, comprised of copper (CLE-02) or optionally available 90/10 copper/silver alloy (CLE-51)

HEAD LOSS:         Flow Rate            Total Head Loss (psi)

25 gpm                 0.06 psi

50 gpm               0.21 psi

Hydro-static Pressure: Maximum Recommended Pressure: 50Psi

Ion Production: With the output set to: 125mA this ionizer produces 90mg of copper ions per hour; 250mA this ionizer produces 179mg of copper ions per hour

These measurements were made with the following conditions:

Electrode Used: CLE-02 Water Temperature: 72.7 °F Total Chlorine: 0 pH: 7.45 TDS: 347 mg/L Hardness: 215 mg/L Total Alkalinity: 85 mg/L


INPUT VOLTAGE: 115 VAC or 230 VAC, manually switch from inside of control box

INPUT CURRENT: 200 mA rms at 115 VAC; 100 mA rms at 230 VAC



OUTPUT CURRENT: Adjustable in 6 increments from 0 TO 250mA DC

CIRCUIT PROTECTION: internal fuse and input MOV line surge protection

FUSES: 1 ea .25 Amp Fast Acting, Cartridge Style, 250VAC, 5x2Omm

Radio Shack Part Number 270.1046 (use 270-1061 if other is unavailable)


ENCLOSURE: weather resistant NEMA 4 rated high impact corrosion resistant thermoplastic with hinged polycarbonate cover, includes mounting brackets

ENCLOSURE DIMENSIONS: 6.54" x 6.54" x 4.82"


CARTON DIMENSIONS: 12" x 11" x 6"

Other Specifications

OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: 32 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit

WARRANTY: 5 years, parts and labor - excluding electrodes


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