Deionized Water System

Deionized water system is an economical and convenient choice for producing high-quality DI water at a fraction of the cost of new resin. De-ionization filters function by measuring favorable hydrogen and unfavorable hydroxyl molecules to its beneficial and detrimental contaminant molecules from water. Favorable chemicals such as calcium and marketplaces with all the hydrogen molecules along with unwanted compounds such as potassium, marketplaces with all the hydroxyl molecules. As time passes, negative and positive contaminants from the water synchronize all of the hydrogen and hydroxyl molecules in the DI resin and also the filter has to be substituted. Regeneration of this deionization filter is potential, but just within commercial environment surroundings. De-ionization is an on-demand procedure containing pressurized water if required. That is vital because water in this extreme spirituality degree degrades fast.

Water treatment 6000 GPD deionized water system - Ion Exchange Resin

The atomic grade deionization resin or shining mixed bed resin eliminates nearly all of the inorganic contaminants from the water increasing the resistivity of their water to your max of 18.2 megohm-cm. Our Deionized water system comes in various sizes and can be configured to meet any flow rate or quality specification.

There are 3 basic types Ion exchange resins :
1.Is Na+ ion exchange ;
2.Two- bed deionization;
3.Mixed- bed deionization;

The vessel for ion exchange column material can be fiber glass ( FRP ) ; Stainless steel ; Carbon steel etc

The two-bed deionizer consists of two vessels - one containing a cation-exchange resin in the hydrogen (H+) form and the other containing an anion resin in the hydroxyl (OH-) form. After the resin from Cation Column process regenerated with Acid (HCl), all the cations are exchanged for hydrogen ions.To keep the water electrically balanced, for every monovalent cation, e.g. Na+, one hydrogen ion is exchanged and for every divalent cation, e.g. Ca2+, or Mg2+, two hydrogen ions are exchanged. The same principle applies when considering anion-exchange. The only difference is that regenerated with Alkali(NaOH) ;The decationised water then flows through the anion column. This time, all the negatively charged ions are exchanged for hydroxide ions which then combine with the hydrogen ions to form water (H2O).

For Industry Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Machine
We often install 55W UV Sterilizer on the Water Treatment Machine, which can help to achieve high sterilization rate.


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