commercial reverse osmosis system is a durable piece of equipment which, with proper care and maintenance will last for many years. RD series systems are part of a family of reverse osmosis units designed for operation with fresh and brackish feedwaters having TDS values below 2,000ppm. Models are available with permeate outputs ofbetween 4000 Gpd and 700 lph as shown in the specifications tables. 500L/H RO System-4000 GPD

By keeping track with the market developments, we trader and supplier supreme quality 3000/4000/GPD Water Purifier System. This water purifier is based on reverse osmosis technology

Capacity (GDP/LPH): 4000/700 
Working Pressure (PSI/BAR): 150-200/10-14 
Pre-Filtration: (20″ Filter Housing x2) + (20″ PP Cartridge 5u + 1u) 
Booster Pump: Multi-staged Centritugal Pump (3HP)

Housing Material: High Pressure TRP end port type 
Size x Unit: 4040 x 2 
Flow Meters: Permeate/Concentrate 
Pressure Gauges: Feed water pressure/Booster pump outlet pressure gauge 
Water Quality Indicator: T.D.S meter with LCD 
Electrical Controls: Micro-computer control, overload breakers, LED indicators 
Frame: Electro-polished stainless steel 304 Weight: 107KG