Under Sink 7 stages RO + UV

Under Sink 7 Stages Reverse Osmosis System With Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer

The UV system is to sterilize and disinfect water through the 253.7 nm short-wave ultraviolet radiation, to solve the problem of bacterial indicators the drinking water exceeding the standard, and make the water quality which polluted by bacteria meet exceeding the relevant national drinking water sanitation standards.

Water filters provide better taste and smell free drinking by removing chlorine and bacterial contaminants. Point of use water filters remove lead from drinking water immediately prior to consumption, thus preventing this harmful substance from entering the body. A water filter provides clean, healthy water for cooking, as well as drinking at the convenience of tap water. Water filters reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 33 % by removing cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water. Drinking pure water is especially important for children. Water filters provide the healthiest water for children’s developing immune systems. Water filters offer the last line of defense between the body and the over 2100 known toxins that may be present in drinking water. Ultraviolet water sterilizer, the Eco-friendly solution for 99 % removal of bacteria and viruses.

★ 10″ sediment filter
★ 10″ GAC Filter
★ 10″ Carbon Block FIlter
★ RO Dow Membrane
★ Post Inline GAC Filter
★ Taste & Odor Filter
★ Booster pump & Stand for the filtration unit
★ Filtered water storage tank 3.2 gal.
★ Ultraviolet sterilizer


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