A bottle less Water Dispenser


Why spend more money and more effort in bottled water if you can have a WATER DISPENSER WITH BUILT IN RO SYSTEM?
It is always in our consideration every time we make decision in purchasing any machine if the system that we are buying is Cost Effective, Reliable, and of good quality…

Another important thing to consider is the availability of the parts and the durability of the system. Having your own Water Dispenser with built in RO System will save your time (no need to buy and wait for the bottled water) and cost effective (reasonable operational expense), spare parts and cartridge filters are universal.

This system is going to be connected directly to your Municipality line of water supply and with the built in RO System, this water will be process directly into a purified drinking water which you can have a Hot/Normal and Cold water.
This system does not need to be loaded with bottled water either top or bottom load,
In this way, you will be able to have a hygienic, safe and good quality of drinking water because the water will be directly stored to the built in storage tank of the Water Dispenser without any human intervention and exposure of the treated water into air which can be a great source for bacteria and can contaminate your drinking water.

★ 1st stage: Sediment Filter which 5 micron, this will remove sand, silt, dust and rust particles from the tap water.

★ 2nd stage: Granulated Activated Carbon which will absorb chlorine, bad odor, bad color and bad taste in the tap water (if there is any)

★ 3rd Stage: Carbon Block which is 1 micron filtration, whatever particles which is not being remove from 1st and 2nd stage, this CTO will filter this particles.

★ 4th Stage: RO Membrane this is a Thin Film RO Membrane which is having 0.001 micron that block contaminants block contaminants but allow water molecules to flow through. In osmosis, water becomes more concentrated as it passes through the membrane to obtain equilibrium on both sides. Reverse osmosis, however, blocks contaminants from entering the less concentrated side of the membrane, this process is possible with the help of the Booster Pump.

★ Pure water will go to the Pressure tank (which will serve as a storage) and reject water which is having the contaminants will go to drain line or called waste water line.

★ 5th Stage: Post Carbon Filter cartridge in this stage, the water will pass through this filter from the pressure tank to be filtered again before going to the next stage

★ 6th Stage: Post mineral this is consist of mineral balls which will gives back the natural minerals which our body needs.


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