50 GPD RO Water Purifier System


Under the Counter Reverse Osmosis System provides safe, pure water using Reverse Osmosis Technology. It’s capable of removing over 90% of total dissolved solids, +99% of all organics and +99% of all bacteria. System installs neatly under the sink. Comes with long reach faucet, storage tank, and necessary installation hardware.

5-stage Under Sink RO Water Filtration System with Booster Pump - a perfectly designed system for those who want sound water quality at great price. System comes with everything you need for full installation and detailed instructions.

System Features:      

5 Stage Filtration      
50 Gallons Per Day / 190 Liters Per Day      
Long Reach Chrome Faucet      
3.2 Gallons / 12 Liters Storage Tank      
All hardware included  
Stage 1: 5 microns sediment pre-filter      
Stage 2: Activated Carbon pre-filter      
Stage 3: Carbon block pre-filter      
Stage 4: 50 GPD TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane      
Stage 5: Inline GAC filter      

Fully Assembled      
Made in Taiwan   

Specifications: (boxed)  Dimensions: (inch) 17 x 18 x 20 (cm) 43.2 x 45.8 x 50.8 
Weight: 30 lbs / 13.6 kg 

Warranty: 1 Year Limited