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Triple stage whole house water filter system

Whole House Water Filtration System is essential even if we are using Municipality water. This water is a good quality dosed with a high content of Chlorine to make it bacteria free. As it passes through the pipe lines, water get contaminated again with rust, sand, silt and particles. Once it reach the Villa, the water is being stored in the water tank for sometimes which can also make the water contaminated especially if we are not cleaning the water tank regularly.

Whole House Water Filtration System usually installed after the tank and will be connected to the main pipe of water supply, this WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM will make your municipality water safe and free from particles again before entering your villa. It is also important to remove the chlorine before using the water in your faucet and especially in your shower because Chlorine is harmful to human health.

★ 1st stage: Sediment Filter which 5 micron, this will remove sand, silt, dust and rust particles from the tap water.

★ 2nd stage: Granulated Activated Carbon which will absorb chlorine, bad odor, bad color and bad taste in the tap water (if there is any)

★ 3rd Stage: Carbon Block which is 1 micron filtration, whatever particles which is not being remove from 1st and 2nd stage, this CTO will filter this particles.

★ 20" Sediment Filter
★ 20" GAO Filter
★ 20" Carbon Block Filter
★ Capacity : up to 101000 GPD
★ Max. Pressure: up to 100 psi
★ Pressure drop: 1.5 Bar
★ Input Output Line Size : 1 inch
★ Feed Water Temperature: 40-100 Degree'F (4-38 Degree C)
★ Strong Steel Stand for the filtration Unit
★ Pressure Relief Valves on each Housing


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