75GPD 5 Stage RO Water System

Domestic Reverse Osmosis 75GPD 5 Stage RO Water Purification System

RO Water Filter Equipment technology is the most advanced and energy-saving effectively membrane separation technology. Other substances can’t through the semipermeable membrane except water. The reverse osmosis membrane aperture is very small, therefore it can effectively remove the salt, colloid, microbial organisms in water ( removal reaches as high as 99 percent ).


Domestic Reverse Osmosis 75GPD Water Purifiers, could produce drinking water for 3-6 people in a family. It can be hung on the wall, both be placed under the sink. We support 5-7 stage Reverse Osmosis System. And this product is apply to personal, company, factory, food, beverage, medicine, electronics, chemical industry, hollow equipment, cleaning glass, micro electronic industrial equipment, pure water, home and school direct drinking water.
The UV Water Ttreatment is the effective sterilization algaecide. It can decompose ozon, remove organic carbon, chlorine and chloramine.

    1. PP10'' 2. GAC 10'' 3. CTO 10'' 4. RO membrane (vontron) 5. T33 filter 6. High pressure pump -Model 50G 7. 3.2 gallon pressure tank 1pcs 8. other piping and fitting 1lot
    Item No. Name Service life Features
    1 PP 3-4 months Can effectively filter rust, sand, other larger particles and solid impurities
    2 UDF 3-4 months Can  adsorbe the organic matter, chemical pesticides, residual chlorine and peculiar smell in water
    3 CTO 3-4 months Can effectively adsorb chlorine, humus,
    disinfection by-products,odors, colors, and other material,ssuspending particles
    4 RO membrane 18-24 months can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticide residues, and other harmful substances
    5 T33 3-4 months adsorb the odor and adjust the taste
    6 UV 18-24 months effective sterilization algaecide; decompose ozon; remove organic carbonchlorine, chloramine
    7 Medical stone 3-5 months Provide more than 30 kinds micro elements to human body, such as selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium, etc

    1. We supply full complement of accessories.
    2. The PP filter cartridge must food grade.
    3. Water Purification rate reach 99%. It can be drunk at ease.
    4. We support 5-7 stage Reverse Osmosis System.

    1) We can provide the machine manual and ask our engineer to arranging installation if you need in order to solve the after-sales problem.
    2) This RO machine has passed CE certification to ensure that the products sold are healthy, safe and comply with environmental protection standards.
    3) We provides a styrofoam cushion to protect each machine, which can be suitable for long-term sea transportation.
    4) The fast delivery date can be reached within 1-2 weeks.


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